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If you have just moved into a home, you may feel:


  • Overwhelmed by the task of unpacking boxes
  • Uncertain as to how to position your furniture
  • Unsure of where to place accessories, or what accessories to use
  • Desire to change the wall color, the window treatments, the flooring, etc.

The furniture and possessions you had in your previous dwelling may not all work in your new home.  The configuration may be very different.  You may find you need help with the arrangement of the furniture and accessories, the selection of window treatments, or the selection of new wall color.  We can work with you to find the best possible placement of furniture and accessories that will make your room the most comfortable for you.

Bachelor's Home

 A work in progress.  We worked together to select furnishings and accessories that carried out his color scheme, taste and preferences and placed them in a way to enhance the architectural features of the rooms while still creating an inviting, restful atmosphere.

Kitchen Remodel

Call for a consultation today.  You can get direction and gain peace of mind to create a new look that captures the world you want to live in.  460.0205

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