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Below are comments from clients about their experience with Divine Staging & Decor (some of whom chose to implement the staging plan themselves).

Cathy, Casper, WY (Home Re-Boot)

We moved into our house 8 years, ago and there were some areas that never seemed to function that well. Carol had helped my daughter with her home, and I was amazed what an improvement she made by moving a painting from one room to another and rearranging her furniture.  I called to ask Carol to work with me, but I had some reservations and my husband was afraid she would impose her style. In fact, she was very respectful of our style. I am thrilled with the changes we made and my husband likes them too!


She worked with what I have – she didn’t require that I buy anything new.


She asked what...colors we feel most comfortable with.  That was amazingly helpful even before she came – It stopped me from impulse buying a tablecloth that would not have gone with any of “our” colors.


...we moved chairs, tables & then rugs & pictures...


She would ask me about a change and if I did not want to move something, she respected my wishes.


My favorite things: my house looks & “works” better.  We hid my computer area and moved 2 armchairs to create a nice area for 2 to sit and visit.  We arranged the living room so that it is more conducive to people visiting.  And we made my husband’s bureau & dressing area more masculine –by changing a chair & picture.  We also removed a  bunch of clutter from the walls and set up a convenient place for me to paint watercolors again!!!"


Pamela & Chris, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (Staging Consultation)

"Just thinking about getting our home ready to sell was very stressful; however, with Carol's help it made it very easy to see the potential in our home.  With that said, afer we completed the Property Preparation List and made it sparkle, the house sold for full asking price in 10 hours.  Divine Staging & Decor was truly a blessing.  Thank you."

Peg and Sherrill, Laramie, Wyoming (Staging Consultation & Staged to Sell)

"It was a great pleasure to work with Carol Schoeneck in the staging of our house for sale.  She is extremely knowledgeable and helped transform our house (which we've always felt was an awkward space) into something beautiful and appealing.  Everyone who viewed our home, including their jaded realtors, seemed to enjoy the space and see all its possiblities.  This makes any potential buyer much more likely to feel comfortable and engaged in the space.  We are very grateful for Carol's input, and for her willingness to engage us in the process.  We've learned a huge amount from her that has educated us for our enjoyment of our future houses.  We would highly recommend Carol to any future home sellers."

Amy, Laramie, Wyoming (Staging Consultation & Staged to Sell)

“I found myself in an unfortunate situation that required the sale of my home.  My experience with real estate is very limited which resulted in a very stressful period of time for me.  Carol was a blessing with her knowledge of what to do as well as her compassion for my circumstances.  She evaluated my 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3k square feet home within a couple of hours.  The next day I was presented with a plan of how to prepare my home for the real estate market.  I was very discouraged, thinking I would need to remove my 2 children every time the home was scheduled to be shown.  Because Carol had professionally prepared my large home it was sold after being shown only two times.  The buyers shared with me why they chose my home over others--the arrangement of furniture made them see their family living there--the cleanliness, which was obvious (which she was also involved in accomplishing)--the color of the walls were updated to the current trend and accessories were complementary the overall homey feel. Thank you, Carol, for your expertise."

Holly, Glenpool, Oklahoma (Staging Consultation & Staged to Sell)

"We listed our house almost 5 months ago, but only implemented part of your staging instructions. We received one offer that fell through in a week. After a lot of frustration with showing after showing, not being fruitful, we decided to implement the rest of your staging instructions.  It was a lot of work.  However, one week to the day after finishing your staging plan, we received and accepted an offer that was 98.6% of our asking price.  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!" 

P. S.  Next time we'll hire YOU to do the work.

Jonathan and Christa, Johnson City, TN (Staging Consultation)

"We cannot thank you enough for walking through our house and giving us your feedback.  Your property consultation report has been so helpful to us as we've been preparing our house to be put on the market."

Christy, Realtor, Austin, TX (Staging Consultation)

"Hi Carol!

Just thought you'd like to know that your efforts once again have paid off for a seller.  The client's home has gone under contract today, 39 days on the market.  The home showed a lot and got wonderful feedback.  They took your recommendations to heart with a great result!  Thanks!"

Diane, Leander, Texas (Staging Consultation)

"Carol's clear and quick insights helped us to come to wonderful decisions on everything--from choosing the most valuable home improvement project to selecting key picture placement...right during our first session.  She stayed in touch during our home improvements, which we did to sell the house, and the result of her help is that we sold our country property in 5 weeks. (Acreage in the country usually stays on the market for months and months.) Her color choices were dead on and delighted both our friends and potential buyers. We heard over and over from Realtors that our house shows like a dream.  Her advice on both the interior and exterior was magic, and I couldn't have done it this well even after years of watching HGTV and being a big fan of staging myself.  Carol can design around eyesores, show off assets, capture the vision of possibilities that don't yet exist, and use your own personal style so that "props" needed for staging your house can be easily incorporated into your next home.  If you're not sold yet, then you should know our Realtor believes in her work so much that he refunded the money we spent once our house sold.  He considers her work a key to his success.  It seems an obvious choice to use her skills on our new home, and we are already doing that.  We love working with her, and you will, too.

Kim, Realtor, Austin, Texas (Home Re-Boot)

Dear Carol,

First, let me say you are so EASY to work with!  It was wonderful to have your outside objective input.  You went right to work rearranging furniture and creating the perfect flow in the home.  Everyone loves the new colors in the home!

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