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* Property Consultation

* Staging to Sell

* Home Re-Boot

* Accessories Shopping

*Room Re-Organization

THE WAY THAT WE WORK:  We meet with you at your home or office to assess the work that needs to be accomplished.  For consultations (assessments) and shopping, we charge a per hour fee with a minimum of two hours.  Should you decide you want to use our staging/decorating services, we will put together a bid for the project.

Property Consultation--We walk through your home and/or property with you and talk about what needs to be done before you put your property on the market.  We take photos and follow up by giving you a "Property Preparation List" which reminds you what to do in every area of the property before putting it on the market. This list addresses aesthetics (such as flooring, paint, dated appliances, curb appeal, etc.) as well as identifying potential issues that could be cause for holding up closing because of needed repairs.  If you don't take care of these things before you list, it could slow the sale of your property, prevent closing on time and perhaps alter/lower the price you receive for your home.  We are there for you throughout the whole process.

Staging to Sell--Our goal is to bring you top dollar for your property and to sell it in the shortest time possible.  This is done by using a set of proven guidelines from accredited training.  Our team will physically move and arrange furniture and accessories in each room to create a total cohesiveness for your house or place of business.   This is done by creating a look which appeals to the broadest segment of buyers and highlights the architectural features of each room.  

Most importantly, a staged house appraises for more, so it is a wise in-vestment to stage your home.

Downsizing Services--Need to move from your current large space into something smaller?  We can help you starting with figuring out what to take to your new home, what to get rid of, where to get rid of it, and how to place furniture and accessories in your new home.

Move-In Services--Often when a family moves, they find the new house is configured differently than the old one and there is a dilemma on how to arrange furniture and accessories as well as where to store possessions.  Or, moving to a new office space and having to take the time to figure out where to put everything takes up valuable time that could be used in producing income.  We will develop a plan for you to help you find the optimum use for your new space and do as much of the work as you would like.

Home Re-Boot--Even though you have things you love, they might need a fresh look or to be used in another space.  We learn what you want/need in each space and work with you to eliminate what you are tired of and to find new furniture or accessories to cause you to be delighted with your space.

Accessories Shopping--If you don't have time or know where the resources are to find what pleases you, we will learn what your style and tastes are and either do the shopping  for you or shop with you.

Room Reorganization--Often things get out of control and chaos wins.  We can work with you to help you find a way out of the chaos and develop a plan which includes storage ideas to keep your space from going there again.

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